Kundalini and menopause

The Wisdom of Midlife Women
c. 2011 Susun S Weed
mentor, Wise Woman University

“The joy of menopause is the world’s best-kept secret. . . . in order to claim that joy a woman must be willing to pass beyond the monsters who guard its gate. As you stand at the brink of it, it can appear that only darkness, danger and decay lie beyond. [But] . . . as thousands of women from all cultures throughout history have whispered to each other, it is the most exciting passage a woman ever makes.” (1)


25 Indian Hairstyles for Round Faces with Pictures

Top 25 Most Flattering Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

It can be quite tricky to find a hairstyle that will beautifully compliment a round face. Most women with a round face prefer long sleek hair because it makes their face look slimmer. Although, there is no harm to add some hair-volume around your cheeks, and, no, they won’t make your face look fat or chubby. In this post, I am going to tell you about the best 25 hairstyles for a round face, and let me assure you, you are going to be amazed with how many Indian hairstyles can actually compliment a round face perfectly.


Top 25 Praying Hands Tattoos for the Faithful

There is nothing that prayer can’t accomplish. If you have a deep faith then inking something to remind you of it on your body may be a natural step. Praying hands tattoos are there to look over you and keep you reminded of your spiritual bonds. The design that you choose is deeply personal so that’s why they’re so diverse.

Are you religious? Or maybe a little spiritual? If you are one of the pious people out there, the praying hands tattoo would be an ideal representation of your personality and faith. Although it symbolizes religious belief and spirituality, it does not represent any particular faith. The tattoo is actually a representation of two hands together which is a universal symbol of prayer. However, the addition of a cross or a rosary makes it a religious tattoo that is associated with Catholicism and Christianity. These tattoos have been ordained in remembrance more often than not and although once popular among men, the praying hands tattoos are now inked on women as well.


Wedding Hairstyles in the Greek Style

❤ Wedding Ideas ❤ Bridal Hairstyles ❤ Wedding Hairstyles in the Greek Style

wedding hairstyles greek style

The images of the Greek goddesses associated with the innocent beauty, the inner light and tenderness, live in the imagination of mankind for nearly three millennia. Why in the world are popular wedding hairstyle, designed in the Greek style. Now it is possible to make not only long hair but also on medium and short. Read more about wedding hairstyles for long hair with tiara.


How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

If you are looking for a fun and exciting field, a wedding planning business could be perfect for you. The wedding industry is a healthy, thriving, prosperous market to enter for anyone who has great people skills (a must!), and who is looking to establish a business of their own.

Starting a wedding planning business offers an opportunity to earn an excellent income, as well as the pride and self-satisfaction of business ownership, while doing something you already enjoy. It is a great business for those who love weddings and who are highly organized. It is also a natural progression for those already in the wedding industry – people who are currently operating bridal boutiques, wedding stores, floral services, catering businesses, and reception venues.


Rustic Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake

A Rustic Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake. Isn’t it pretty?

I have to tell you – setting up this cake was one of my few bad experiences with a cake. Yes, I’ve had a few.

This day, I arrived at the country club pretty happy with myself. The cake had turned out great, I was on time, and I wasn’t a basketcase nervous because this one was actually in my hometown – I deliver probably 90% of my cakes to another town about 40 miles away.

I hadn’t seen the topper until I arrived at the country club to set up, but I absolutely loved it and I just knew it was going to look perfect! And it did – until I broke it.


Layout and Design the Perfect Waiting Room

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys waiting in a waiting room, but it’s something we all do and sometimes we can wait a while. Recent research found the average time a person spends in a doctor’s waiting room is about 21 minutes. That’s why the impression your waiting area gives off could be a make or break experience; it is extremely important to ensure guests feel comfortable and welcomed while they are sitting in your space. Your waiting area should also be a reflection of what you and your company or organization represent. Because of all of these guidelines it can be overwhelming to know where to even start when planning out your space. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and advice to take the guessing out of the process:


20 Best Mother of the Bride Dresses

It’s a very proud day for the mother of the bride: her gorgeous little girl is growing up and marrying the man of her dreams. It’s a day she will remember for the rest of her life, and a day she should certainly be looking her best. Check out these absolutely flawless and gorgeous mother of the bride dresses that just might steal the show from the bride!

1. Siri

Glamorous, regal, and totally chic- this Siri dress comes with an incredibly romantic shawl that drapes around the waist, hanging delicately from the forearm for a very enchanting style. Complete with an enticing slit along the side and a feminine one-shoulder design, this gorgeous mother of the bride dress is a definite winner. If you’re looking for a dress that is fancy, romantic, and completely sophisticated, this is undoubtedly the dress for you.


Bleeding Heart Restaurant Wedding

Bleeding Heart Restaurant Wedding – Lizzie & Lee’s winter wedding

I was really looking forward Bleeding Heart Restaurant Wedding. I have worked at the Bleeding Heart in London on a number of occasions and love the food and the vibe of the place. Jean-Louis is an exceptional host and everyone always has a ball. The couple’s ceremony was at St Etheldredas, I have shot so many weddings at this church – it’s like coming home. Father Tom is lovely and I always enjoy his dry wit.

Lizzie and Lee went for a 4pm ceremony before their Bleeding Heart Restaurant Wedding. 4pm in winter – that pretty much means a wedding in the dark. So from my point of view, a challenge. But I do enjoy a challenge! I set up some off camera flash for the groups and portraits, which worked really well.


Effects – Hindrances of Meditation

Cold water meditation

Immediate Effects
(1) Accumulation of saliva: This phenomenon happens to many people. What one has to do is to merely swallow the saliva mindfully, whilst not paying attention to the breadth. Immediately after this, one comes back to the breadth again. Thoughts are again being consciously pushed away, whilst concentrating on the air striking at the nostril during inhalation and exhalation

(2) Numbness and pain in the limbs: Again this is quite a common complaint At first, one should try to tolerate the pain or numbness as long as possible. Later, as these effects become more intolerable and affect one’s meditation, then one may stretch out one’s legs until the numbness or pain is considerably reduced. After that, one may resume the semi-lotus position again. However if one is sitting on an armchair, then there is no grounds for such complaints.