Rustic Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake

A Rustic Buttercream Roses Wedding Cake. Isn’t it pretty?

I have to tell you – setting up this cake was one of my few bad experiences with a cake. Yes, I’ve had a few.

This day, I arrived at the country club pretty happy with myself. The cake had turned out great, I was on time, and I wasn’t a basketcase nervous because this one was actually in my hometown – I deliver probably 90% of my cakes to another town about 40 miles away.

I hadn’t seen the topper until I arrived at the country club to set up, but I absolutely loved it and I just knew it was going to look perfect! And it did – until I broke it.

Yep, I broke the topper – at the country club – just hours before the wedding.

You see… the wooden “H” had been glued to a skewer so I could stand it on the cake. Except when I went to push it into the cake, the skewer was just a little too long for the tier and I couldn’t push it through the cake board without risking some serious cake damage.

I pulled it out and decided it had to be cut. Except I couldn’t find anything to cut it with. I checked everywhere… even dug through all the pockets and doors and under the seats of my truck looking for anything I could find to cut that stick. Nothing.

So I dumbly decided to break it. And I did… and it worked. Except when I snapped the skewer, the “H” went flying off across the room and broke in half. Yep – right in the middle – it was in two pieces.

I went from desperately searching for something to cut with – to desperately searching for something to GLUE with.

I knew they had nothing at the country club – I had already searched the place like crazy – so back to my truck to look for glue. And by some miracle – I remembered that I had super glue in my purse (no idea why it was there – but I was doing the happy dance).

With shaking hands, I glued the two pieces back together and finally got it to hold. Super glue doesn’t work great on wood – but I finally got it to stick and stood it up on the cake. Talk about a big sigh of relief!!

All that was left to do was contact the bride and let her know what had happened and to let her know it was fragile. You can’t imagine my relief when she was gracious and not at all upset about my big boo-boo!

My takeaway from all of this? Start adding glue, scissors and my pliers to my go-box for cake deliveries. You never know when you might need them! Ha!

Here are the details of the cake:

I think this was my smallest wedding cake to date when I made it – the tiers were 4″ round, 7″ round, and 10″ round cakes. I use Magic Line pans and highly recommend them. Each tier was 4″ tall. The top and bottom tiers were vanilla cake and the middle tier was chocolate cake.

It was filled and decorated with vanilla buttercream. The roses were piped with a Wilton 1M tip. And that’s it… did I miss any details?

Ff you have any questions about this cake – leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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